Balloon Information

Balloons should be ordered to be collected on the day of your event, a couple of hours in advance at most and the closer the better. If ordered ignoring this advice you accept the risk that they may not be in perfect condition for your event.

Balloon Care & Safety Information

All Balloons

Balloons are fragile perishable items, once balloons have left our care they're out of our control. The way you handle and care for them will affect the longevity of your balloons.

Avoid allowing your balloon to touch any object, every object can possibly cause damage or pop a balloon this includes bopping a balloon along a roof, doorway or wall etc!

Balloons don’t like extreme temperature changes hot/cold, humidity and sunlight. 

Temperature changes can cause a balloon to deflate or pop. Keeping the balloon in one place with a stable room temperature will provide the longest lasting balloon. 

Do not leave in cars where temperatures can get too hot/cold! In cold weather a balloon may look wrinkly after moving, it should recover after a while somewhere warmer. Balloons shouldn’t be left in a plastic bag, only use for transportation and for a short period.

Latex balloons can cause allergic reactions, in the case of symptoms please seek immediate medical advice.

Do not inhale balloon gas, inhalation can cause suffocation or in extreme cases even death.

Don’t use metallic ribbon with balloons as it may conduct electricity. Metallic foil type balloons can also conduct electricity so keep away from electric sources.

Balloons should not be released outside. Please dispose/recycle responsibly.

Balloons can pose suffocation and strangulation hazards, please keep away from small children, never leave unattended and immediately remove any broken parts.

Confetti Bubble/Personalised Balloon

To re-stick the confetti to the sides of the balloon, gently tip the confetti to the desired location and rub the balloon. How to video: here

As the balloon gradually deflates the writing may bubble/wrinkle, gently rub the writing to re-stick and flatten.

Balloon Float Times

Latex Balloons

All Latex Balloons - Up to 24 hours to a few days. (Typically a few days)

The durability of latex balloons is highly dependant on the weather conditions and the way they're looked after. For this reason we don't suggest getting them more than a few hours before your event to ensure they're fine for your event. Sometimes they'll last up to 24 hours and sometimes days, they're variable and this is the nature of latex balloons so this should be taken into consideration. The larger the latex balloon on typical they last longer, the giant latex balloons will last much longer.

Foil Balloons

All Foil Balloons - Days to a Week or more. (Typically around a week or more)

Orb Balloons

Days - Month (Typically a few weeks)

Confetti Bubble Balloons and Bubble Balloons

Weeks - Month (Typically a few weeks)

Air Filled Balloons

Weeks - Months (Typically weeks)


We use the highest quality balloons, helium and treat our balloons for longer float times. All balloons are always created to the same high standard. However balloons are fragile and perishable so must be handled with care. The way that balloons are handled and cared for will affect their float times, for this reason balloons should always be had as close to the event as possible as there is no guarantee on their float life, the above information is for guidance only and not a guarantee. 

Please note float time refers to the balloon floating not the amount of time the balloon stays looking at its best.